What we do . . .
Fabrication is our Specialty

"We don't just develop building solutions, we support you throughout the process"

Joe Belanger

At Architectural Glazing Systems, our fabrication abilities are unique. We are extremely conscientious of the entire project and are expert at problem solving. AGS will fabricate from any specified materials, or we can supply materials to meet your needs.

We manufacture all product lines at our new Avon facility where strict adherence to proper manufacturing guidelines allow us to provide the finest quality products and services to our customers.

We work closely with you to ensure that your job runs smoothly an appreciate your needs in the field. When assembling your project, we fabricate metal into modular units so that on-site, the final construction of these units is relatively easy. In this way, AGS can help you save time and money!

• Standard and Custom Entrances
• Pacer Series, Top hung Rolling Doors
• Pacer Series, End folding Window Walls
• Custom Storefronts
• Stock Lengths
• Two Projected Window Systems
• Curtainwalls
• Skylights
• Slope Glazing
• Fabrication of Your Materials

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