Entrances Including
Standard and Custom Units

"When it comes to special sizing, our modern factory is furnished with the necessary equipment to efficiently fabricate to your exacting specifications."

Joe Belanger

Our entrances range from specially reinforced narrow stile doors to heavy duty wide stile types. At Architectural Glazing Systems, your most unusual entrance projects are handled quickly and precisely. When it comes to custom detailing, our skilled craftsmen are eager to meet your most difficult demands.

These doors all feature an unbeatable combination of strength and durability. Each door is constructed with a heavy duty reinforcing anchor block which is interlocked, bolted and then welded with a 100% deep penetration weld.

We’ll fabricate entrances with special intermediate rails or muntins, and panels to enhance the building’s appearance and tailor the door to specific applications. Add a glazing bead in a complimentary or contrasting color (or finish), or make the entrance two-tone (one to compliment the interior of the building and another to coordinate with the building exterior). We manufacture a wide variety of standard entrances, however, our ability to fabricate to your custom specifications is unparalleled.

Doors can also be customized with special push-pull hardware to meet your exacting specifications. Because AGS entrances are fabricated from a wide variety of stiles, it is easy for you to customize your own door!

When you want distinctive entrances, AGS’s custom color, sizes and detailing can help make your projects notable and profitable. Radical Reds . . . Vivacious Yellows . . . Brilliant Blues . . .at AGS, custom colors are our specialty. We manufacture entrances in standard finishes (Duranodic, clear, black, and white baked enamel) and an unlimited variety of custom colors! We can even make the door two tone; one color to coordinate with the building’s interior and the other to compliment the exterior.

And when it comes to custom detailing, AGS’s skilled craftsmen are eager to meet your latest challenges. Special push-pull hardware can be installed to handle the specific physical or traffic requirements of your entrances.

All of our doors are fabricated from the three basic sizes making it easy for you to customize your own door! We’ll be happy to speak with you about your requirements.

From contemporary angles to traditional multi-lite styles, AGS can design your entrance to meet your design requirements. It can be constructed in a variety of colors with complementing or contrasting glass beads and can be further enhanced with a variety of custom hardware for a truly striking entry way.

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