Pacer Series 450
Sliding Door System

"We take special pleasure in knowing our Pacer sliders are working perfectly for our friends at
Fenway Park!"

Joe Belanger

Door units glide smoothly on our top edge roller system (shown left) and are securely held in place with a bottom edge guide. These units may be used with or without a threshold. For added safety and security, Pacer Series entrances feature a hook-bolt lock. Three quarter diameter back to back pull handles are installed and the units are set up for 1/4” or 1” glazing.

Pacer 450 entrances come in a variety of styles and configurations which can include the addition of transoms and swing doors. They can be installed as a pocket door, disappearing into the side walls of the building. Custom sizes are our specialty so give us your dimensions and we will deliver the Pacer entrance you need.

Featuring narrow, or medium stile sliding, folding and fixed panel configurations, the Pacer Series 450 entrance is a perfect compliment to AGS’s standard flush glazed systems: both 2” x 4-1/2” Flush Glazed System for 1” glass and 1-3/4” x 4-1/2” System for 1/4” glass.

Perfect for use in resort and tourist areas where restaurants and gift shops spill out onto the sidewalk, Pacer units ship across the US and can be seen as far west as Hawaii.

Be sure to check out our "Design Your Own Look" page for customization ideas.

Shown above, Fenway Park's 2nd floor opens onto Yawkey Way for a nice breeze on a hot summer day at the ball park.

Bottom photo shows an interior office setting which allows light to filter into the room and still maintains privacy with the installation of a frosted glass panel.

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