A tour of Our Plant . . .
And Our Capabilities

"Call us today to discover how we can assist you in making your next job a smooth and profitable experience."

Joe Belanger

Our headquarters and fabrication facilities are conveniently located in Avon, Massachusetts where we are able to quickly ship finished, ready to erect, sections to the entire New England area and beyond!

Fabrication Technology
Our fabrication tools are entirely new, state-of-the-art equipment and our in-house craftsmen are the finest in the business. We welcome visitors so you can see for yourself our contemporary equipment and unique capabilities.

On Time Delivery
We work with you to assess your needs and give you more control on delivery stage.

Lead Time Delays Minimized
We work with you to minimize delays. AGS is large enough to handle most fabrication needs in our modern shop, but small enough to give each of our customers the kind of quality service and respect they deserve.

• Standard and Custom Entrances
• Pacer Series, Top hung Rolling Doors
and End folding Window Walls
• Custom Storefronts
• Stock Lengths
• Two Projected Window Systems
• Curtainwalls
• Skylights
• Slope Glazing
• Fabrication of Your Materials

Last Minute Changes
We give you the opportunity to make last minute changes without effecting the quality of our fabrication. We check every detail from specified colors to accurate mortising because your project is important to us!

Damage Controls
Careful attention to packaging and modular fabrication assures your project will arrive damage-free when delivered by our fleet.

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